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Our Services


Monthly Maintenance

Monthly recurring maintenance plans to keep a yard looking amazing. This typically includes trimming bushes, mowing lawns, blowing debris, and spraying weeds.

We also program the irrigation timer to best suit the plants during each season and monitor the health of the yard.


We specialize in all types of irrigation because Arizona heat makes getting plants water the most important part of landscape. Whether there is a need for adding newly installed lines, repairs, or replacing entire systems, we can handle it all.

Spray Service

We offer both pre and post emergent weed services. This means we can kill the weeds that you see and also help prevent new weeds from growing.


Gardening was what Great Heights Gardens was created for. To this day, we still love to install and maintain gardens. Whether you are looking for a sustainable food source or a simple flower garden, we can help. We build gardens out of wood, brick, stackable pavers, rock, and just about anything.

If you have never been known for having a "green thumb" we can provide helpful information and instruction, or even handle all of the planting, maintaining, and harvesting for you.


Hardscape in Arizona is undeniably important. If you are looking for pavers, walkways, artificial turf, and more, we can install it all.


Clean-ups are for yards that have gotten away from you. Whether it is a weed problem, bushes out of control, or grass that needs to be taken care of, we can handle that. 

Tree Trimming

Our recurring maintenance plans typically include tree trimming up to a certain height, but when trees fully mature they need special care and consideration. We trim trees so that they are not damaged, hold up to wind sheers, and continue to grow and be healthy.

Rock and Mounding

Landscape decorative rock is a simple but effective way to upgrade the look of a yard. Spreading new, replacing old, or just refreshing bald spots can make a yard look new again. Adding boulders and rip rap washes can also accentuate key areas of the yard. Making mounds and adding height to the yard is one other trick to make your yard stand out from the rest.


Installing plants to replace dead ones, or completely revamping the plants in a yard. New plants always make a yard look fresh and healthy.

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